A Difference of Life and Death

There is no doubt that when someone has a heart attack, they need immediate medical attention. Cardiac arrest is a serious situation and it is a fact that emergency care takes time to get to the location. If you run a business with a large platform you might want to think about getting some good safety equipment and some training to use it.

Turn to the automated external defibrillators louisville safety companies can offer. It is so simple to do. You will be equipping your business with AED safety devices and getting the training to use them. You do need to get the training and learn CPR in order to be prepared.

When you get the defibrillators, you should place them on walls with clearly marked signs so people will know where they are. In addition to that, you simply have a number of your staff members trained to use the devices properly and safely. Then you have an emergency response team available at all times.

automated external defibrillators louisville

This is the right thing to do. If someone goes into cardiac arrest on your business site, you will be able to save them before medical response gets there. That is a very important step to understand. The longer the heart goes without beating, the more damage there is to it and to the body as a whole.

Oxygen deprivation is a serious thing that cannot wait. When a person has no heartbeat and is not breathing, they could die in just a short period of time. What the defibrillators do is they place an electrical pulse through the heart and that is what shocks the heart back to beating.

After that, you may need to perform CPR. It all depends on the situation and when medical teams get to the location. Make your business safer for all concerned.